Mister & Miss
Pride Galveston 2021

Emerald Foxx Paris

Emerald is a 29-year-old libra. She was born and raised in MS and moved to the Austin area after her freshman year of high school in 2009. She is TX board-certified esthetician. Miss Pride Galveston was the 3rd pageant she competed in, but her 1st win. She hopes to win more pageants in the future, including at the national level.

Brutas Dewayne

Brutas Dewayne Is a 31 year old Native Houstonian. He was born on November 1, 1989, which makes him a Scorpio. I’m a family oriented type of guy who loves people is how he puts it. Brutas career in the art form started off in 2009. Just imagine A young adult in the bars who caught a piece of a drag show and was completely Wowed are his words Exact. In most of high school at Kashmere Senior High School in Houston, Brutas took theater arts and may other fine arts programs. What he was seeing on stage was going to be a natural talent for him from his experience. Brutas went on to do his first show at the late Club Bartini’s of Houston. Turing the show out so dynamically, they started the song over and called him back to the stage for a encore. He knew this was he wanted to do, for that had lit the fire in him. He started a drag career in the year 2009 competing in pageants all over Houston and the even traveling around the country. He used his years of experience in the pageant world to Groom him into the stellar entertainer he is today. Brutas is also a well known Makeup artist and backstage dresser for pageants Locally and nationally. His words are, pageants groomed me by telling me No, because I wasn’t ready yet. Once I had a taste of Yes, it was up from there. MY DETERMINATION AND DRIVE WOULDN’T let me leave it alone. Brutas’s career in the art form Is an ongoing 13 years and hopes to be many more. The love for The art form will never stop. I was made to do this.


2020: Not contested

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2018: Mister Desi Andrews and Miss Erin Taylor

2017: Mister Gio Whitney and Miss Alexus Black


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